XINXING JIHUA International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a state-owned exporting company attached to Xinxing Cathy International Group, which is one of the global fortune 500 enterprises. The headquarter is located in Beijing, the capital of China. As the only export enterprise of military supplies with dozens of manufacturing factories in China, being committed to the manufacturing of military and police equipment and textile garments, XINXING JIHUA is an export enterprise to export military supplies that is approved by the Chinese government and the PLA, with the authorized certificate to export military equipment. Its affiliates have about 40,000 employees, and factories are all over the country, the main products are military uniforms, military shoes & boots, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, camouflage nets, tents, police equipment, anti-riot suits, functional vehicles, medical protection suits, as well as other kinds of professional clothing.

The company boasts a complete industrial chain for military supplies, including raw materials, textile processing, printing and dyeing, research and development, manufacturing, etc.. The organic coordination among all steps of the industrial chain, the stable supply of high-quality raw materials and the whole-process control of production, have secured the quality of products to the utmost.

As the strongest and largest provider for military equipment supplies in China, and the biggest R & D and production base of professional clothing, XINXING JIHUA has undertaken significant tasks to guarantee military supplies. On the occasion of the grand military parade on the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, the military uniforms, military boots, bulletproof vests and chest tags that XINXING JIHUA developed for army, navy, air forces and rocket squads made their public appearance. During the outbreak of COVID-19, XINXING JIHUA performed the glorious yet difficult mission of producing a large number of protective clothing, with a daily output of 150,000 sets of medical protective clothing. Some of the medical protection materials were exported overseas, which made great contributions to alleviating the shortage of medical protective clothing both at home and abroad. 

In overseas markets, XINXING JIHUA International has maintained partnership with more than 100 other countries for years, and its high-quality products and excellent services are highly praised and well accepted by many foreign customers. In the future, it will extend the products trading into in-depth cooperation with overseas customers,such as establishing joint-venture factories and overseas R & D centers. By providing customers with advanced equipment, latest technology, business management, personnel training and other services, the company strives to build a world-class brand with global competitiveness.


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