We focus on Military and Police Equipment One-Step Solution

Military Uniform

You will find a great variety of camouflage uniforms, combat uniforms, military jackets, soldier clothing and other military supplies.


Police Equipment

Our Police Equipment is comfortable and durable, all police uniforms, anti-riot helmets, anti-riot suit and police accessories are made from high quality and premium material.


Medical Protective Gear

It can be applied for epidemic protection, biological isolation, anti-bacterial and seepage-proofing, chemical experiment, and as routine isolation in medical outpatient, ward and laboratory.


Bulletproof Equipment

We are professional bulletproof equipment manufacturer in China, more bulletproof vests, bulletproof plates, bulletproof helmets will be customized and produced.


Military Shoes&Boots

High quality military leather boots, military waterproof boots and army shoes will be supplied. Welcome customized orders and requested design.


Bulletproof Equipment

A wide variety of tactical equipment options are available to you, we are professional tactical backpack suppliers and military tactical vest manufacturer.


Ballistic Gear

Full series of ballistic gear to protect soldiers and polices on duty. You will find ballistic vests, ballistic helmets and ballistic glasses in this section.




XINXING JIHUA International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a state-owned exporting company attached to Xinxing Cathy International Group, which is one of the global fortune 500 enterprises. The headquarter is located in Beijing, the capital of China. As the only export enterprise of military supplies with dozens of manufacturing factories in China, being committed to the manufacturing of military and police equipment and textile garments, XINXING JIHUA is an export enterprise to export military supplies that is approved by the Chinese government and the PLA, with the authorized certificate to export military equipment.




It has won great reputation in the domestic and international markets during the last decade


Take OEM & ODM orders with other customized requirements.

International Capacity Cooperation

cooperate with foreign customers in plant building, and supply of latest technology, advanced equipment, business management and training.


Importing oversea superior resources to optimize company industrial structure and product quality.



You can find more feature military & Police supplies as following

Camouflage BDU

CVC material, waterproof, windproof, warm, comfortable to wear.

Combat uniform

Cotton material, anti-wrinkle and abrasion, high tear and tear strength, not easy to damage, anti-splash, anti-infrared detection, antibacterial, suitable for field operations.

Camouflage Winter uniform

abrasion proof,cold-proof,wrinkle resistant, and comfortable to wear.

Police Anti-Riot Suit

Double shell ANTI RIOT SUIT for police and military, it is comfortable for the person and easy to wear.

Woodland Tactical Camo Backpack

This UK style camo military backpacks is used in military training, hunting, longtime outdoor

Level 3a soft body armor ballistic vest

Full protection bulletproof jacket with Aramid or PE ballistic material are available, and opt cordura or Nylon cover is acceptable.

High protection grade Military bulletproof Vest

NIJ IIIA level bulletproof vest, defence 9mm and .44 mag bullets. Resistance to stab and slash attacks military ballistic vest.

MICH ballistic helmet LEVEL IIIA

Utilizing the aramid or PE material in level 3 ballistic helmet, very light, and comfortable interior

FAST High ballistic Helmet

US FAST bulletproof helmet with NIJ IIIA level high protection

Medical protective Clothing

Sterile Protective clothing for infection and surgery is one-piece coverall

Military Boots with zipper

Training tactical boots with side zipper for easy on and off, suitable for use soldier on daily training and mission

Black leather combat boots

Injection sole type leather combat boots for armed force


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